OSM 2015 – FAQs

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, $10 before the deadline of 30th August and $20 afterwards and until the extended deadline of 13th September.

Why is there an entrance fee?

The entry fee is used to help toward the running costs of the competition – the screening venue, marketing, web maintenance…the list goes on. Believe us, we don’t make any money from One Shot!

Can the entry fee be waivered?

In special circumstances yes, the entry fee can be waivered. We understand there can be social, economic and even political factors that can prevent filmmakers from being able to pay the entry fee. In these circumstances, please write to us and if we can, we’ll help out.

Can I enter a documentary?

All genres of film are accepted.

Can I enter a music video?

Yes, but only in our ‘Out of Competition’ category. Music videos must still be one shot, and if we really like it, we may show it on the screening night.

Am I allowed to grade the film and add special effects in post production?

Yes, providing the film you are working on is one continuous shot with no cuts, you are permitted to grade, add FX and a fully sound designed sound mix.

What can I gain by entering The One Shot Movie Competition?

Apart from the unique and rewarding challenge of achieving that perfect one shot, we will promote your film on our website and Facebook page – something very few film competitions or film festivals do. So whether you make it into the top ten or not, we will help you get more exposure within the film making community.

Can I have 2 shots?


I made a film called Birdman which is kind of one shot. It won an Oscar. Can I enter?

Now you’re just being silly…