One Shot Movie Competition - London 2016
Make a live action, fictional, narrative-driven film no more than 10 minutes in length. No cuts whatsoever, one continuous shot.

Latest Entries - OSM Competition 2016

  • Married Life (USA)
    Married Life (USA)
    Submitted by: Tamara Ward
    Cora and James must decide if their marriage is worth saving.
  • Irreversible (Romania)
    Irreversible (Romania)
    Submitted by: Laura Lazarescu-Thois
    ...looking back, each happy moment turned out to be a deceiving and evanescent one…
  • Chance Appearance Of The Colour Red, no. 1 (UK)
    Chance Appearance Of The Colour Red, no. 1 (UK)
    Submitted by: Jeffrey Langille
    The colour red appears in this video, entirely by chance.
  • A Good Guy With A Gun (USA)
    A Good Guy With A Gun (USA)
    Submitted by: Bill Albert
    "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun."
  • Love, The Commies (USA)
    Love, The Commies (USA)
    Submitted by: Elizabeth Sherman
    Two rednecks find themselves alone with a mysterious object in a field.
  • Gulit Trip (USA)
    Gulit Trip (USA)
    Submitted by: Bhawin Suchak
    Two teens are forced to make a difficult choice that could cost them their future.
  • Nocturnes (Germany)
    Nocturnes (Germany)
    Submitted by: Michael Salu
    An exploration of the procreative power of insomnia.
  • Toast (UK)
    Toast (UK)
    Submitted by: Daniel Harding
    A man ponders existence and what it all means, if only he had a sign to tell him.
  • The Silence (Romania)
    The Silence (Romania)
    Submitted by: Cristian Radu
    Revealing the thoughts hidden behind a couples silence who get through a moment of crisis.
  • XMAS 2000 (USA)
    XMAS 2000 (USA)
    Submitted by: Matthew Hacunda
    A father surprises his son with a special gift.
  • BaconHorn (Australia)
    BaconHorn (Australia)
    Submitted by: Oliver Marsden
    BaconHorn has hired Clancy to help him beat up Reggie. The neighbourhood bully, it's 1984.
  • White Fish (Iran)
    White Fish (Iran)
    Submitted by: Reza Golchin
    Fish try to escape from a net.
  • Thirty Paces (UK)
    Thirty Paces (UK)
    Submitted by: Ahmad Dabiri
    A short film about separation.
  • Next (Russia)
    Next (Russia)
    Submitted by: Elena Brodach
    Another naked body in her bed, asleep. A sharp lancet in her hand.
  • Silence (Russia)
    Silence (Russia)
    Submitted by: Elena Brodach
    The story of love that everyone dreams.
  • No Sweets (Germany)
    No Sweets (Germany)
    Submitted by: Jochen Stryjski
    No sweets on Friday the 13th.
  •   Angry Black Woman (UK)
    Angry Black Woman (UK)
    Submitted by: Cecilia Perez-Homar
    A woman recalls encounters with racism throughout her life as she is being detained by a police officer.
  • Help Desk (USA)
    Help Desk (USA)
    Submitted by: Edward Linder
    In and out in and out… Some people just can’t do it. That’s where the HELP DESK comes…in.
  • Backseat (UK)
    Backseat (UK)
    Submitted by: Dann Emmons
    One morning, two people are arrested for separate crimes and placed in the backseat of a Police Car.