One Shot Movie Competition - London 2016
Make a live action, fictional, narrative-driven film no more than 10 minutes in length. No cuts whatsoever, one continuous shot.

Latest Entries - OSM Competition 2016

  • Vibrator (Canada)
    Vibrator (Canada)
    Submitted by: Wes Chew Two women play out the power dynamic in their relationship in a supernatural way.
  • Proposal (Ireland)
    Proposal (Ireland)
    Submitted by: Abraham Tarrush As the party dies down, Robyn pulls Dave aside to pitch her latest proposal to him.
  • A Magician (UK)
    A Magician (UK)
    Submitted by: Max Blustin After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene.
  • Silentium Dei (USA)
    Silentium Dei (USA)
    Submitted by: Attila Rostas A continuous long take film about ritual, chauvinism and human brutality.
  • Suicide Hotline (UK)
    Suicide Hotline (UK)
    Submitted by: Gannesh Rajah Mr. Jameson is having a Thursday like any other. That is, until...
  • Greed (UK)
    Greed (UK)
    Submitted by: Phillip Whiteman Two men desire the mysterious contents of a briefcase and will do anything to attain it.
  • Border (Spain)
    Border (Spain)
    Submitted by: Alberto Martin-Aragon A dry, sharp narrative developed in the form of dreamy elegy.
  • Trust Issues (USA)
    Trust Issues (USA)
    Submitted by: Ashleigh Coffelt Along the path in life you travel, never forget, “Find your passion, Never let go.”
  • Repression (UK)
    Repression (UK)
    Submitted By: Peter Roe When a psychiatrist relives memories he has lost, he attempts to retroactively fight for his crumbling marriage and help his suffering wife.
  • Nange Pair (India)
    Nange Pair (India)
    Submitted by: Shilpa Johar The story of a victim of marital rape who has finally had enough.
  • Do Not Blink (Russia)
    Do Not Blink (Russia)
    Submitted by: Anton Verstakov Your life changes in the blink of an eye. Just blink once and you will see. Life is irreversible and you only have to make one small mistake. You’ve just made it.
  • Max and Aimee (USA)
    Max and Aimee (USA)
    Submitted by: Gigi Huang A drama about a man's struggle with dementia and his last connection with his daughter.
  • Married Life (USA)
    Married Life (USA)
    Submitted by: Tamara Ward
    Cora and James must decide if their marriage is worth saving.
  • Irreversible (Romania)
    Irreversible (Romania)
    Submitted by: Laura Lazarescu-Thois
    ...looking back, each happy moment turned out to be a deceiving and evanescent one…
  • Chance Appearance Of The Colour Red, no. 1 (UK)
    Chance Appearance Of The Colour Red, no. 1 (UK)
    Submitted by: Jeffrey Langille
    The colour red appears in this video, entirely by chance.
  • A Good Guy With A Gun (USA)
    A Good Guy With A Gun (USA)
    Submitted by: Bill Albert
    "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun."
  • Love, The Commies (USA)
    Love, The Commies (USA)
    Submitted by: Elizabeth Sherman
    Two rednecks find themselves alone with a mysterious object in a field.
  • Gulit Trip (USA)
    Gulit Trip (USA)
    Submitted by: Bhawin Suchak
    Two teens are forced to make a difficult choice that could cost them their future.
  • Nocturnes (Germany)
    Nocturnes (Germany)
    Submitted by: Michael Salu
    An exploration of the procreative power of insomnia.
  • Toast (UK)
    Toast (UK)
    Submitted by: Daniel Harding
    A man ponders existence and what it all means, if only he had a sign to tell him.
  • The Silence (Romania)
    The Silence (Romania)
    Submitted by: Cristian Radu
    Revealing the thoughts hidden behind a couples silence who get through a moment of crisis.
  • XMAS 2000 (USA)
    XMAS 2000 (USA)
    Submitted by: Matthew Hacunda
    A father surprises his son with a special gift.
  • BaconHorn (Australia)
    BaconHorn (Australia)
    Submitted by: Oliver Marsden
    BaconHorn has hired Clancy to help him beat up Reggie. The neighbourhood bully, it's 1984.
  • White Fish (Iran)
    White Fish (Iran)
    Submitted by: Reza Golchin
    Fish try to escape from a net.
  • Thirty Paces (UK)
    Thirty Paces (UK)
    Submitted by: Ahmad Dabiri
    A short film about separation.
  • Next (Russia)
    Next (Russia)
    Submitted by: Elena Brodach
    Another naked body in her bed, asleep. A sharp lancet in her hand.
  • Silence (Russia)
    Silence (Russia)
    Submitted by: Elena Brodach
    The story of love that everyone dreams.
  • No Sweets (Germany)
    No Sweets (Germany)
    Submitted by: Jochen Stryjski
    No sweets on Friday the 13th.
  •   Angry Black Woman (UK)
    Angry Black Woman (UK)
    Submitted by: Cecilia Perez-Homar
    A woman recalls encounters with racism throughout her life as she is being detained by a police officer.
  • Help Desk (USA)
    Help Desk (USA)
    Submitted by: Edward Linder
    In and out in and out… Some people just can’t do it. That’s where the HELP DESK comes…in.
  • Backseat (UK)
    Backseat (UK)
    Submitted by: Dann Emmons
    One morning, two people are arrested for separate crimes and placed in the backseat of a Police Car.