One Shot Movie Competition - London 2016
Make a live action, fictional, narrative-driven film no more than 10 minutes in length. No cuts whatsoever, one continuous shot.

Latest Entries - OSM Competition 2016

  • 'White Fish' (Iran)
    'White Fish' (Iran)
    Submitted By: Reza Golchin
    Fish try to escape from a net.
  • 'Thirty Paces' (UK)
    'Thirty Paces' (UK)
    Submitted By: Ahmad Dabiri
    A short film about separation.
  • 'Next' (Russia)
    'Next' (Russia)
    Submitted By: Elena Brodach
    Another naked body in her bed, asleep. A sharp lancet in her hand.
  • 'Silence' (Russia)
    'Silence' (Russia)
    Submitted By: Elena Brodach
    The story of love that everyone dreams.
  • ‘NO SWEETS’ (Germany)
    ‘NO SWEETS’ (Germany)
    Submitted By: Jochen Stryjski
    No sweets on Friday the 13th.
  •   ‘Angry Black Woman’ (UK)
    ‘Angry Black Woman’ (UK)
    Submitted By: Cecilia Perez-Homar
    A woman recalls encounters with racism throughout her life as she is being detained by a police officer.
  • ‘Help Desk’ (USA)
    ‘Help Desk’ (USA)
    Submitted By: Edward Linder
    In and out in and out… Some people just can’t do it. That’s where the HELP DESK comes…in.
  • ‘Backseat’ (UK)
    ‘Backseat’ (UK)
    Submitted By: Dann Emmons
    One morning, two people are arrested for separate crimes and placed in the backseat of a Police Car.